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Black Tulip Society

The Black Tulip Society is a new society especially created to bring together the Tulips Ball youth!

Our foremost aspiration is to revive old traditions with a splash of contemporary youthfulness. Just as in the best traditions of years gone by, we wish to encourage our youth to dance, socialize, exchange ideas and goodwill.

The Black Tulip Society is open to all Tulips Ball youth between 18-30 years of age. The activities will vary from clay pigeon shooting and sailing, to the highlight of the year: waltz at the Tulips Ball!

So if you wish to be part of The Black Tulip Society, sign up for the Tulips Ball now and make sure your on board!

Get introduced with the new Black Tulip Society:

Vincent Freiherr von Preuschen von und zu Liebestein
Vincent Ritter Clanner von Engelshofen
Gregor K├╝hnemuth
Emmanuel Bairamis
Johannes Graf von Armansperg
Julius Dietel