What is JAN’S DAG?

JAN’S DAG is an initiative of the (youth) members of the Order of St. John (Johanniter) and the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, Dutch association. These Orders put themselves in service of those who are by sickness, elderdom, handicap or social isolation less naturally capable of joining in society.

What do we do?

The JAN’S DAG is one of those efforts, with which two times a year a day of activities is organised for people that live below the poverty line, or because of one of the earlier mentioned reasons deserve our support.

In earlier years the JAN’S DAG Committee for instance organised daytrips to theme parc ‘Duinrell’ for youngsters that grow up in poverty, in cooperation with Stichting Leergeld. Earlier a daytrip to Madurodam and SeaLife with mothers and their children of the ‘Vrouwenopvang’ (Woman’s Shelter) was a great success. Also the JAN’SDAG to Amersfoort Zoo with adults with learning disabilities from Utrecht was well received. These days are always a huge success and every time a joy to see that these initiatives are gratefully received. Especially the positive effect that these days can have for these groups to just be out of the rush for a day.

In 2018 the Committee choose to support children. In the Netherlands over a 385.000 children live below the poverty line. These children barely have the opportunity to grow up and evolve in a playful and peaceful atmosphere. The JAN’SDAG Committee is concerned about this group and therefore offers these children a day of fun, with which (this time) the National Fund Children Help is bringing the JAN’SDAG in contact with these children.


H.H. Prince Pieter-Christiaan van Oranje-Nassau, van Vollenhoven
Jonkvrouw Frédérique Gerlacius van Swinderen
Hermance Gransberg née barones van Heeckeren van Kell
Vivienne Huetink née Clifford van Kocq van Breugel
Gysbrecht baron Speyart van Woerden